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Adrian Trimmer

Posted by Adrian Trimmer on Apr 5, 2017 7:53:00 AM

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A new network of open play spaces at Googong (in ACT) is now available to the community. These play spaces were designed by Peet and AECOM. We have, for over 12 months now, been working alongside Peet and AECOM, as well as Glascott ACT, to deliver a number of items throughout Googong. Within this particular network of play spaces we have been responsible for the bespoke log bridges and legless seats.

One of the Log Bridges at Googong

Matt Frawley , Landscape Architect at Peet Limited posted: "What is really exciting at Googong is that the local council, residents and visitors are embracing the movement away from super safe and sometimes boring playgrounds to a network of play & recreation spaces that provide a variety of challenges and experiences. The incorporation of the landscape into the playspaces is also a major advanatge of the playspaces at Googong which is allowing the community to play and enjoy the open spaces for longer. Great work by Peet & Aecom with many more exciting spaces to come. Let's continue to provide spaces that bring back creativity, challenge, excitement and a little bit of danger into the play experience for families."

IMG_20170405_153723.jpgThe bridges provide a unique crossing that blend into the natural environment

James Rosenwax , Director at AECOM posted: "Great to see that the razor sharp focus on the needs of children and carers in play space design recognised by Stephen Jeffery in today's Canberra Times. Googong is an outstanding new community, and Jo Blackmore, Matt Frawley and the AECOM design team have done a great job in delivering a delightful network of open spaces."

Sorry - we don't have any images of the Legless Seats to share right now, but they look great! We are delivering a number of other structures throughout the estate and will release a case study soon, it is a great project and a sweet fit for the 5th edition of our Inspirational Communities publication.

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