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Deanna Wiggins

Posted by Deanna Wiggins on Jun 30, 2017 4:05:19 PM

We just couldn't help it, this is such an amazing project that we just had to share it...

Architecture studio EFFEKT has released their plans for a 600-metre-long treetop walkway through the forest of Haslev. Connected to an observation tower, the timber walkway spirals from the ground up to the peak where visitors can take in the 360-degree views across the top of the forest canopy.

spiral3-2017061914978507827160.jpgPeaking at 45metres this unique observation tower gives users a magnificant 360-degree view from high above the forest canopy 

This hourglass shaped structure surrounded by a lattice of Corten Steel consists of 13 tiers of spiralling walkway to reach the summit which peaks at 45metres.

The lattice of Corten Steel blends in nicely with the natural surroundings, due to its 'rusty' look.

The continuous timber treetop walkway will also include unique design features such as bleacher-style seating, an aviary, and looping pathways and bridges to create a wide-ranging viewing experience for visitors.

The continuous timber ramp winds up through the forests of Glisselfeld Kloster and provides a unique connection to nature. Source: EFFEKT

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